The Love Goes VIRAL Podcast Series is hosted by Connie Corley, Ph.D. The first 4 episodes are now available on Apple Podcasts. You can also listen on Google Podcasts and Spotify.

Given all the focus on news of the virus creating the current pandemic, and graphs showing cases rising exponentially, a podcast series is being launched to envision that LOVE GOES VIRAL and can help us navigate fear and isolation and further our connections through conversations. These 4 interviews are launching the series:

  • Mirabai Bush is Senior Fellow and founder of the Center on Contemplative Mind in Society, which encourages contemplative practice and perspective to create a more just, compassionate, and reflective society. Mirabai Bush is co-author of several books including two with Ram Dass: Compassion in Action: Setting Out on the Path of Service, and her latest collaboration, Walking Each Other Home: Conversations on Love and Dying. Find out more at mirabaibush.com.
  • Maureen Feldman has focused on developing methods to enhance social connectivity in the older adult population for over a decade. As Director of the Social Isolation Impact Project for The Motion Picture Television Fund (MPTF), she has built and manages the deployment of The Daily Call Sheet, a volunteer-based service that creates social connectivity for those suffering from, or at elevated risk of, loneliness and social isolation. For more information on training in The Daily Call Sheet tool-kit, email: maureen.feldman@mptf.com.
  • Dr. Paige Marrs and Don Marrs have been happily married for over 30 years. They’ve co-authored 2 “how-to” memoirs: Executive in Passage: When Life Lets You Know It’s Time to Change, Let that Knowing Lead You and Grabbing Lightning: The Messy Quest for an Extraordinary Love. Paige and Don have offered their relationship program, The Love Conversation®, for more than a decade, helping couples and singles resolve their challenges and experience the love they yearn for instead.
  • Margie Warrell is a bestselling author, speaker, and internationally renowned authority on courageous leadership. She just released her newest book, You’ve Got This: The Life Changing Power of Trusting Yourself. Margie walks her talk when it comes to living bravely, most recently climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with her husband and their four children. She’s been featured on CNN and writes for Forbes. Her husband is still in hospital in Singapore after being diagnosed with COVID-19. Find out more at margiewarrell.com.

Our launch event on Facebook Live was 4/3/20. Future Facebook Lives are coming soon! Follow us on Facebook for updates.